We are Verbo.

Verbo is a company that started as a way to pay for beer. 🍻 Back in college in 2018, in the dorm room of two scrounging students, came the idea of writing tech articles as a part-time job. This would set us up with enough pocket money to pay for our expenses while finishing our bachelor’s in Computer Science. Little did we know how important our work was going to be.

Unlike most fields, the tech industry has a plethora of information that evolves on the daily. In the thousands of articles we’ve read as references, we realized that the online tech industry had a lot of misleading information and poorly-explained topics. When we began, we corrected misconceptions and provided detailed explanations for every article. Since most CS, IT, and other tech-related graduates are either full-fledged programmers or mediocre writers, we realized just how important our skill set was. Now, two years, hundreds of articles, and numerous satisfied long-term clients later, we decided to create a team and carry our passion full-time. 💖

We’re a team composed of programmers and tech-minded individuals who can write well. The number of people who can do both is small. The people with our experience and level of quality? Even smaller. As we expanded, we began hiring professional proofreaders. Though our team remains small, all our writers have been rigorously vetted and trained. This ensures that the standards we've set remain, if not increase, from when we were only two in the company. With this process, our team may be growing slowly but our service has only been getting better and better. 🚀

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