Frequently asked questions

Set your mind at ease.

We charge on a per word basis for every article we write. No hidden charges at all. On top of each SEO optimized article, we’ll provide you with HD stock images and unlimited revisions.

We believe that by charging per word we can guarantee both quality and time. You’ll no longer have to pay for ghost hours and, furthermore, will get everything worth your buck with every word.

For Example: 

Per Article Cost: $160

Words Written: 1,000 words ⇒ $0.16 per word!


Per Word Cost: $0.09

Words Written: 1,000 words ⇒ $90! (Savings of $70)

With metrics like this, you won’t have to worry about overpaying for mediocre work. Whether your content is short or long, you’ll still be getting your money’s worth. By charging per word, every penny pays for itself. You’ll be saving thousands of dollars in content expenditure this way. 

All transactions are made and paid for via PayPal. 

Not to worry! Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. We have an extensive Refund Policy and offer up to a full refund. 

We provide three billing options that you can choose from and change at any moment, for free. As long as both parties agree to the change, we will transfer to the new billing options smoothly.  These are the three options we provide:
  • Pay per post - Payment is made upon completion, once you’re satisfied with the quality. Great for small-time companies.
  • Pay per month - Our most popular option, paying upfront at the beginning of every month. Convenient and affordable, a bonus of up to 500 words a month for free. Saves you 6,000 words yearly.
  • Pay per year - The most affordable option; you save more money by paying for a yearly contract. Comes with an extra 1,000 words per month for free. Save up to 12,000 words a year!
We utilize Google docs’ word count feature. Open the file in Google docs and either press Ctrl + Shift + C or go to Tools and select Word Count.

We hire tech-grads who actually know what they’re writing about. Our writers are equipped with the technical knowledge to understand the technology assigned to them. 

Your articles will be factual and well-explained every time. Every writer has been rigorously vetted through multiple test articles to guarantee that we only hire the best.

Furthermore, Verbo offers a team of professional proofreaders to give you the best of both worlds.

All in all, we absolutely love talking tech and writing tech. 

All about technology. We offer press releases, blog posts, newsletters, product descriptions, and much more! 

Our passion and utmost specialty is producing content related to technology, regardless of the industry. These include consumer tech, fintech, business tech, startups, proptech, edtech, insurtech, regtech, legaltech, healthtech, madtech, retailtech, cleantech, wealthtech, and others.

We can adapt to any content type or field of technology you can throw at us (go ahead, we dare you).

We take plagiarism very seriously, having written exclusively for big-time clients for over 2 years. Being content curators ourselves, we understand how damaging it can be to the brand and reputation of your company to publish plagiarized content. 

Everything we write passes through multiple plagiarism detectors that compare every sentence to millions of other articles at a time. At the same time, Verbo is filling in the niche of hiring writers with tech-related degrees. We know what, why, and how things work. 

The tech industry is full of great writers but lacks a ton of technical expertise. Articles everywhere misinform, and poorly explain technical information. Here at Verbo, we actually find it easy to write about tech because we’ve learned the basics of this industry. 

We currently have a 5,000-6,000 word per week limit set for each client. However, depending on the type of content you have, we are open to negotiations. The negotiation will depend on the complexity of your content and the research needed behind each piece. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity.